Welcome to the electronic diary of Trudee's adventures in Ireland. If you're not getting Trudee's e-mailing or would like to re-read her adventures then click on the "read more" for each day. Click on the small photos to see a large image and get a description of the photo.

October 3 ...I also wandered down Grafton St. and saw some incredible busking. I have no idea what the piano like object was... read more

October 4 ...It was incredible handling these objects made and used by new stone age people... read more

October 5 ...Last evening I ate in a pub: bangers, mash and mushy peas. (I had to do it once!)... read more

October 6 ...we discussed existing and emerging theories of how the people of the Newgrange area would have lived 5ooo years ago... read more

October 7 ...our one-way road of three lanes was filled in front of us with three double-decker buses, plus there was another on our lefthand side, all just inches from one another. It was like a wall!... read more

October 8 ...You squeeze down past the entrance rock, then duck-walk through a passage a little more than a metre long before you suddenly realize there’s no rock just above your head... read more

October 9 ...near Temple Lake are the ruins of a castle built in 1200 by the Knights Templar... read more

October 10 ...enough about the ridiculous car! Sligo (pronounced sly-go) is a lovely small town on a river, near the sea... read more

October 11

October 12 ...one main road with bars and small stores, then streets radiating out with houses... read more

October 13 ...of the 1200 or so examples of Neolithic artwork in the world, 600 are in the Boyne Valley and 400 are in Knowth... read more

October 14 ...Newgrange is aligned so that the winter solstice light at dawn penetrated to the back of the 19-m-long chamber... read more

October 15 ... I found the door and the lock, got the key in and turned but couldn’t get it to open... read more

October 16 ...The building itself was quite beautiful, but smallish; the congregation even more smallish... read more

October 17 ...I got to see the whole passage in natural light. I’m so glad I asked!... read more

October 18 ...I set three little tealight candles in there for light. I took pictures without the candles and with. It was beautiful... read more