October 5

Today was actually sunny, part of the time at least. No rain yet, so I'm not complaining.

I'm quickly learning the joys, and frustrations, of wireless e-mail. There is one location where I can receive my mail but not send it, another place that I should be able to do both, but can't get correctly logged on, and a third where I logged on yesterday but have had a lot of trouble today accessing my account. You may or may not get this on Wednesday, the day I'm writing it! [NOTE: Sure enough, it is now Thursday and I'm hoping you receive this!]

My days at the library are almost over. Still more to read, but when isn’t there. Last evening I ate in a pub: bangers, mash and mushy peas. (I had to do it once!) Then across the road to another, non-food pub for some Irish music. It wasn't too thrilling so I headed home early.

The price of food here is outrageous. For lunch I order soup. With the 50¢extra for bread and butter (no free crackers), it comes to $3.50. That's about$7CAN. And that's in a mall food court. There is much more expensive grub to be had.

I'm afraid writing about reading in a library isn't terribly thrilling. The sunny weather was notable, as was my walk in Merrion Square, the other large block of parkland (along with St. Stephen's Green) in the centre of town. There I found a monument to Oscar Wilde.

Tonight, I'm off to see a play, part of the Dublin Theatre Festival on this weekend next. Then tomorrow, it's back to the library for a couple of hours in the morning, followed by a bus trip slightly south of town to meet up with the eminent archaeologist who specializes in Newgrange, the site I'm researching. Then I might squeeze in another play before getting ready to (gulp) pick up my rental car and head out of town Friday morning. After trying to pass other people and doing the which-way-are-you-going pedestrian street dance a few times, I decided to practice for driving by passing people with them on my right side. I seem to have decreased the number of "run-ins"!

Anyway, I'm going to try to send this now and go look for a hot bowl of Irish stew for supper. (It's sunny but not terribly warm.)

Until next time

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