October 6

Last night, saw me eating at another pub. (It’s cheaper there!) I had Irish stew since I knew I had to have it once anyway. It was good, filled with lamb, carrots, potatoes and then with a baked potato on the side. Interesting. After that, I saw a terrific play in a theatre that made me feel I was in 15thcentury Austria or something. Lots of balconies and filigree. I hope the pictures do it justice.

And just before the play, I saw/heard another busker on Grafton St. This one was very Irish. You’ll see what I mean when you see the photo.

Today has been exhilarating and inspiring. I spent a couple of hours at my friendly antiquities library again. After the library, I made my way by bus south of town to the University College Dublin. I was meeting with Prof. Gabriel Cooney, head of the archaeology department and Newgrange specialist. Considering that he’d never seen a photo of me, I’m amazed that we recognized each other so easily. Over a sandwich, we discussed existing and emerging theories of how the people of the Newgrange area would have lived 5ooo years ago. I must known enough because he answered me in all seriousness and invited me to come visit him again once I’ve seen the site in case I have further questions (which he assures me, I undoubtedly will). He then introduced me to his next in command who discussed the era with me further. All of it is helping me get a better sense of what I can make upend what I cannot. Along the way I’m learning more Irish mythology, since many believe there must be some slivers of truth of the past that we can derive from what are widely considered to be fables, many of which involve the Newgrange site and Boyne river it sits on.

Am I boring you yet?! I’m liable to go on at length on the subject, and Invent even seen the place yet. Anyway, all of that interaction has me raring to go. And go I shall.

I’m heading off campus now, back to pack up. After an early breakfast, I need to make my way to the airport and from there to a nearby car rental company. Then it’s on to the motorways for me. Cross your fingers! When next I write, my hair may be a shade grayer!

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