“The show incorporates pantomime, slapstick, singing, dance and interactive fun with the audience…. Romanek has wrapped [the education-based content] in a fairy-tale coating, sprinkled it with catchy songs and children are riveted.”
           — Barrie Examiner, Saturday November 12, 2005

“The 'Andergrimm' production encourages students to think about character and wise choices while following the young actors' journey through the struggles of Hansel and Gretel’s family. More than 30 audiences of children have already watched the Ugly Duckling waddle her way to happiness and delighted in the antics of crazy Rumplestiltskin.”
           — News Release from Simcoe County District School Board, Nov. 2005

“What a show! What a success! It’s really difficult for anyone who didn’t see the show to understand just how good it was and how much both audiences and actors enjoyed it. The piece was skillfully written by Trudee Romanek, KCP member and locally-based children’s author. Her clever combining of three popular fairy tales, along with some terrific musical numbers, gave real meaning and life to the character traits in our school board’s new Character Education initiative. The action (and the wonderful actors) took us from laughter to tears and back again in a few seconds and kept audiences rapt”
           — Kempenfelt Chronicles, KCP newsletter, Dec. 2005


Comments from Educators

"As I watched The Tales of Andergrimm unfold, I couldn't help but be drawn back to my own childhood and the power of fairy tales. As the children, from Kindergarten through Grade 6 sat totally enthralled with the stories which were woven together, it was amazing to see how clearly the ten ‘Character Matters’ traits came to light. Back in the classrooms, for days afterwards, teachers were commenting on the "lessons learned" by their students. Students were continually referring to the characters in the play and the character traits that were demonstrated. This entertaining and delightful rendition should definitely be considered as a worthwhile performance for all elementary schools in Simcoe County!"
           — Tricia Dyson, Principal, West Bayfield Elementary School, Barrie

“I would like to offer a big thank you to the cast and crew of Andergrimm from the grade 2, 3, and 4 students at our school. We greatly enjoyed the Andergrimm performance in our gym. I was so impressed with everything, including the wonderful sets, the great acting, costumes and singing and the kindness of the actors as they answered questions from the students after the performance. Other staff who also watched the play were equally impressed!”
           — Lenore Leonard (who is very happy she booked this performance!)

“I saw the play twice. Both times the audience was won over by the clever reworking of familiar fairy tales into a very musical and thought-provoking morality play. I watched teenagers and kindergartners become actively engaged in the issues the play raised.
           — Carolyn Maloy, Librarian, West Bayfield Elementary School, Barrie


Comments from the Audience

“I got out of this play that when you are in a hard situation, you should think of the positive things, not the bad things. Yeah, and to be good.”
           — Robby, age 11

“If I were a critic, I’d give it four thumbs up. I learned that being bad does not reward you. I liked Rumpelstiltskin and the way he spoke in rap.”
           — Owen, age 8

“An interesting, funny play. I like how all the stories combined.”
           — Paige, age 11

“It’s a very scenic play, full of creativity and imagination.”
           — Tess, age 9

“My kids really enjoyed the play. They were still reciting lines from it a few days later and are still [six weeks later] making the occasional reference to something in it.”
           — Barry, father of twins age 6

One teacher whose grade two class watched the play asked her students to write a letter to a character of their choice. Click here to see what some of those letters said.

If you have seen The Tales of Andergrimm and wish to add your comments to this page, please .

Comments from the Actors

“I think it was an awesome opportunity to work with great people and have a fun time.”
           — Ryan Roach (Rumpelstiltskin), 19

“We’re just hoping that kids learn to be good, as a lot of our songs say. And it’s a lot of fun to see their reactions. They all leave singing the songs.”
           — Ryan Hanley (Hansel), 15

I had such an awesome time in this show. It's such a good show, and I met so many great people. The kids got so into the show, and had so much fun that it was just a blast performing for them. And the looks on their faces when they first saw us! Some of them had never even seen a play before, and for them this was just the greatest thing since mashed potatoes. I recommend to anyone with an interest in theatre to do a show like this. It's a whole lot of fun, and a great opportunity to let loose, be silly, and have fun doing it. I know I did.
           — Marissa Bale (Character Ed/Mean Duck), 17

“Part of our group’s philosophy is to encourage young people to become involved in theatre. And with things like Character Education, I think young audiences are much more receptive to the ‘teaching’ when it is presented by other young people than when the ‘teachers’ are adults.”
           — Bob Buckley, producer